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How To Install The Helpfile WinHlp32.exe in Windows 10

Posted on November 9, 2016 at 4:05 AM

It is with an absolute shock that I've discovered that Microsoft has decided to deprecate/cancel the helpfile system for software that use the 32bit helpfile platform on Windows 10. They have even gone so far as to ban all third-party software developers from distributing the helpfile to their software users.

Just download the appropriate file for your Windows 10 installation and follow the instructions!


So I've decided to remedy this situation. I am not distributing the WinHlp32.exe file; I will be giving it to you from one fixed point.


Windows 10 x86 32 Bit                         Windows 10 x64 64 Bit

Follow these instructions for a succesful operation of the helpfile for Windows 10:

Unzip the files and read the "Read Me" file for detailed instructions.

Unzip all files to root directory "C:\"  |  Open a command prompt window with administrator rights  |  Run "install.bat"  |  Done!

Find detailed instructions here from

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