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New Hi-Tech Setups For Our Software Distributions

Posted on May 6, 2017 at 6:55 AM

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We have since the beginning of our company used the most well known software package module "InstallShield" for our application distributions. Since this software application came with our development software, we have used it extensively.

But recently it has started to show its age and short comings when downloading, installing, and setting up our incredible hi-tech office software suites and applications on user's computer systems. Because of these troubling draw-backs, I went out onto the wonderful and resourceful internet and searched for a new distribution and installation software package.

Well, it was a very short search. I found the most efficient and most importantly, free version of "Inno Setup". This installation software was created by Jordan Russel and placed on the internet for free use and download.

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I have now finished creating a skeleton installation script for my software and have started, since the 1st of May, to distribute my latest application updates with this new install package. The benefits are two fold, first the software package is free, and secondly it creates an install file that is now less than half the original file size of the old "InstallShield" software package.

SSuite WordGraph Editor    -  Was 24 MB   >>   Now 11.5 MB

SSuite Penumbra Editor      -  Was 24 MB   >>   Now 11.3 MB

SSuite Ex-Lex Office Pro     -  Was 37 MB   >>   Now 16.3 MB

I am very pleased about this, as it now clearly demonstrates just how small and efficient our software really is, compared to other office software distributions and alternative office software.

Please be advised: these new setup files are no longer required to be run with administration rights! This is done automatically.

So please enjoy this wonderful new upgrade to our software distribution packages and save on bandwidth, time, and hard drive space on your computer.

Have a wonderful and very nice software experience, only with SSuite Office Software...   :D


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