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Getting the most out of your PDFs

Posted on April 23, 2011 at 6:08 AM

It seems that PDF is going to be the new standard in document exchange, so with that in mind I went out and searched the internet for the best free PDF software for you to use that are also without any strings attached {not all are created equal or without a catch or two}. ;)


Here are two links for a PDF reader and one of a "Scan to PDF" application. Really nice software too!  :)


-       - A great free PDF viewer. 


- http:/      - Scan any document or image to PDF.


To create PDF documents you may try our own great software like WordGraph and our latest word processor QT Writer Express. :P - Have a lot more options on exporting your document to PDF. - Export any document to PDF.


Please enjoy them all.  8)


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