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Rage Against the Machine.

Posted on August 1, 2012 at 9:40 AM

Today I discovered my $1000 Lexmark printer has a kill-switch.


I have been using this printer for the past year to print all my important work. Then when the ink-cartridges ran empty, I did what any right-minded person does; I got myself generic replacement ink-cartridges. So for the past month I have been printing on generic non-original cartridges with a very stern warning from my printer letting me know I am printing without, and I quote “You are printing with Non-Original installed Cartridges”.   :mad:


What is it to IBM with what I print with! This morning I was printing as usual, when suddenly my printer decides to empty my black cartridge all over any work being currently printed. Do whatever I may; it keeps wiping out any printed work.


Now this is the absolute high point of corporate greed... “If you don't use our very expensive ink-cartridges, then fuck you, you will print no further.”


Now this is where I get almost insane with anger and despair, why would they go so far as to stop me from printing on a machine that I bought with my hard earned money, and then tell me that if you don't use our expensive parts, then there is no way in hell you get to use the printer any further.


But I guess they will get theirs in the end, I hope, this “We must make as much money as possible from the consumer” business model must stop. We the people just can't keep spending ourselves bankrupt just to please the greedy global corporations.


So to wrap it up, I decided to make a nice pot-plant from my very expensive printer, just to get some value out of the dam thing!  :P


Enjoy your printer before it kills itself.  ;)


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