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Run our free office software anywhere!  -  Isn't that just great...

There are few ways to run our software on any Apple Mac OS, Android, Chrome OS, and Linux system:
CrossOver - Parallels - WINE

Run our great free office productivity software on Apple Mac. Image inserted by SSuite Office Fandango Desktop Editor Run our great free office productivity software on Linux. Image inserted by SSuite Office Fandango Desktop Editor Run our great free office productivity software on any and all Android devices. Image inserted by SSuite Office Fandango Desktop Editor Run our great free office productivity software on all Chrome OS devices, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Image inserted by SSuite Office Fandango Desktop Editor

 CrossOver from CodeWeavers

Running SSuite Office on Apple OS-X!CrossOver allows you to install many popular Windows applications on your Mac or Linux computer. You can think of it as an emulator, but it's different, because there's no Windows OS license required.

Your applications integrate seamlessly in OS X or Linux; just click and run. No rebooting, no switching to a virtual machine, and no Windows Operating System license required!


Free Trial Version  for Apple OS X and Linux  -  90MB

Full Version:  Apple Mac OS X  -  $50  <<>>  Linux  -  $40


Adding new Windows software is easy. Just place your install CD in your machine, and CrossOver will recognize it and offer to install it. Once installed, CrossOver will configure your application to run on your computer. That's all there is to it.

CrossOver is capable of running a range of Windows software.    Read More...


 Another Alternative - Parallels

Running SSuite Office on Apple OS-X!The easiest, fastest, and most powerful solution for running Windows on Mac without rebooting. The #1 choice of Mac users for over 8 years, with over 5 million copies sold. We make it easy to get all of your files, applications, browser bookmarks and more from your PC to your Mac. Just follow our Wizards.

Fully optimized and enhanced for OS X Yosemite! Now use cool features like click to call with iPhone, send with iMessage, and more from Windows apps. Support for 16vCPUs and 64 GB of RAM lets you run even the most demanding applications with ease. We won't slow you down.

While we set up your Windows virtual machine, we'll automatically tune it for what you'll use it for the most: productivity applications, design, development or games. Launch Windows apps from the Dock, use OS x gestures in Windows apps, and copy & paste and drag & drop between Mac and Windows.

Support for running a wide array of operating systems including OS X Mavericks, Windows 8.1 & 7, Linux and Google Chrome means you can do just about anything on your Mac. Use Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Access and 100s of other applications not available on the Mac.


Parallels Desktop 12 For Mac   -  Home & Student  $79.99    -   Business Edition  $99.99

Parallels Desktop Cross Platform Solutions

Using WINE for Linux and Android

Running SSuite Office on Linux and Ubuntu!To install or update a version of WINE to the latest version of your Linux or Android system, follow this link here  -  WINE Updates and Downloads

We tested Wine (both the stable and the development version) in Ubuntu 14.04 Beta 2 LTS. As you would expect, we didn't find any problems with it. You can get Wine from Ubuntu Software Center, but it's an older version.

To get the latest one just enter the following commands in a terminal (you will need to be root):Running SSuite Office on Linux and Ubuntu!

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine

If you want the development version, then you need to change the last command to the following:

sudo apt-get install wine 5.0

This is the complete extent of the installation and most users won't have to go beyond this point for the Windows apps that they are running. There are of course exceptions and Wine might need some tweaking. If you open the Dash in Ubuntu and search for Wine, you will find an entry called Configure Wine.

Users can change a lot of things for Wine, but the most important entry is in the Applications tab, where you can choose what Windows system to impersonate. This is a very important option and the one that you will always change first when something is not working.

There are a number of other options in the configuration panel, but you should leave most of them alone, unless you follow some tutorial for a specific application or game. There is one other tab that warrants the user's attention, called Graphics.

One option in particular is very important, Emulate a virtual desktop. Unless you check this option and provide a valid resolution, Wine will try to start any software in full screen and, if something goes wrong, you might need to restart the computer.

If you define a resolution for the virtual desktop, any application will be confined to a window, which can be easily closed.

Another important aspect that you need to know is where the Wine folder can be found. It's usually in ~/home/.wine. If you open it you will find a very similar structure with the one used by Windows operating systems. It's also the folder where all the installed Windows apps are being stored.



The source is available from the following locations:


Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:    https://wiki.winehq.org/Download

You will find documentation on https://www.winehq.org/documentation.  You can also get the current source directly from the git repository. Check https://wiki.winehq.org/Git_Wine_Tutorial for details.

How to run or install our applications on Linux

Type "wine setupssuite.exe" to install SSuite Office or any other SSuite software setup file. To run any of the applications, type the following: Type "wine wordgraph.exe" in the installation directory to run WordGraph, Accel, or any other application installed.

If the above steps don't work, then you may have to change the dlls to native usage. But before doing so, make sure you have the latest shell32.dll installed. If you need to, just copy and paste the file from any Windows NT or higher platform over the existing file on your Linux distribution.

After installing the software you must make sure you have copies of riched20.dll and ole32.dll in ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32 and add the following DLL overrides in 'wincfg' if necessary, open a terminal window and type $winecfg:

  • for Wordgraph.exe:
  • for Accel.exe:
    etc. for all the other applications too.

Type "wine wordgraph.exe" in the installation directory to run WordGraph.

Type "wine accel.exe" in the installation directory to run Accel.
etc. with all the other applications.


For more information on Linux WINE, Command Line operators, and native DLLs and OLE32...  Click Here  >>  { WINE Wiki }

An alternate installation process for Linux

Running SSuite Office on Linux and Ubuntu!By default Windows applications are installed in /home/user/.wine. If you want to install your application in a different directory then you must use the WINEPREFIX variable.

If you want your application to be installed in /home/user/appname you must first create the directory:  $ mkdir appname


Now type the following command:  $ WINEPREFIX="/home/user/appname" wineprefixcreate

This will create a directory called /home/frank/appname. In this directory you will find a fake Windows drive and the Wine configuration files system.reg and user.reg.

Now type $ WINEPREFIX="appname" wine setup.exe to install the application.

If your application is installed in /home/frank/appname/drive_c/Program Files/app/appname.exe, you can run it by typing:

$ WINEPREFIX="/home/user/appname" wine ~/appname/drive_c/Program Files/app/appname.exe


For more information on Linux WINE, Command Line operators, and native DLLs and OLE32...  Click Here   >>  { WINE Wiki }

Using VMWare Workstation

Why Choose VMware Workstation?                                                               Download Free Trial
Winner of more than 50 industry awards, VMware Workstation is recognized for its broad operating system support, rich user experience, comprehensive feature set, and high performance. It's the perfect companion for any technical professional that wants to save significant time with a tool that is backed by world-class support.

Take Your Productivity to the Next Level

Run applications in Linux, Windows, and more at the same time on the same PC without rebooting. Evaluate and test new operating systems, applications and patches in an isolated environment. Demonstrate complex software applications on a single laptop in a repeatable, reliable manner. Rich integration with Visual Studio, Eclipse, and the SpringSource Tool Suite make it incredibly easy to test applications on multiple platforms.

Run Your Most Demanding Applications

Create virtual machines with up to 8 virtual processors or 8 virtual cores, 2 TB virtual disks and up to 64 GB of memory per virtual machine to run the most demanding applications. Protect your virtual machines from prying eyes with 256-bit AES encryption and smart card authentication.

Best 3D Graphics Just Got Better

VMware Workstation was the first to support 3D graphics in virtualized environments and was the first to support Windows Aero in Windows Vista and Windows 7 virtual machines. Run even more 3D applications with support for DirectX 9.0c Shader Model 3 and OpenGL 2.13D graphics in Windows virtual machines.

Recycle Old Hardware

Quickly and easily convert all those Microsoft Windows and Linux-based physical PCs sitting under or around your desk into VMware Workstation virtual machines. Get all the benefits of virtualization while freeing up desk space and hardware.

Free Up System Resources

Pause a virtual machine to free up CPU resources for use by other running virtual machines or demanding applications.


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